Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Bringing back old joys....

One of the classes I'm talking this semester is Rendering. This was one class I was not looking forward to taking because it's a drawing class.  As a child I loved to draw, I actually wanted to be an illustrator.  In junior high, I had a very negative experience with my artwork, and stopped doing anything creative.

It's taken many years to stop the voices in my head but the loudest are about my drawing ability. Over the course of the few weeks I've been in the class I've started remembering how much I do enjoy drawing.

Our assignment was to draw six textures: Metal, Glass, Stone, Fabric, Wood or Flower, Animal. We could only use gray markers and a black and white pencil.

 Now instead of dreading this class I'm really looking forward to the next drawing that I will create.

Is there something you have rediscovered in your life?


  1. Whoever was responsible for you giving up should be shot...these are wonderful! Xx

  2. Oh my, these are fantastic! Don't stop drawing again!!