Friday, April 24, 2015

Art Work

As I mentioned in this post I was very nervous about taking my drawing class at school. Now I wish I would have taken it earlier.  I'm really enjoying the class and I'm now thinking of taking more illustration courses.

I'm still always amazed when I start to see my drawings come to life.

I remember walking through the halls at my college and seeing samples of students work and thinking I can not do that, especially when I saw the portraits people created. Now I walk down the hall see my artwork on display and I think wow I did that and it is awesome.  Sorry, I'm not being humble but I'm just so thrilled.

Here's the last drawing I had to do for class, the portrait assignment.  If any of you are fans of Downton Abbey you will recognize Maggie Smith's character, Violet Crawley.  She was a great subject to draw.

Rendered using Prismacolor Cool and Warm Grey Markers 

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Identity Crisis

I was recently a statistic. I had my Identity stolen.  I’ve been luckier then most and I discovered this early on and nothing major has happened (so far). 

I found out when I went to e-file my taxes and couldn’t do it because a tax return using my social security number was already filed. I was hoping that it was just a typo but the following day I got an email from my credit card company that my card had a charge denied.  Once I got that email I knew something was wrong.

I was surprised how violated I felt.

So what do you do if you think your identity has been stolen?

First, contact one of the major credit bureaus, Trans Union, Equifax and Experian. Check your credit report to make sure nothing has been opened that you did not approve.  Inform them that your identity has been compromised and put a lock down on your credit information.  I also purchased one of there services to monitor my information, it’s a monthly fee, but I feel it’s worth the piece of mind.

Second, contact the companies that you know have been compromised. For me that was my credit card company. They canceled my card and sent me out a new one with a new number. They also put a flag on my account to monitor it closely and changed my security questions.

Third, contact other companies. I called all my credit card companies to give them a heads up. I also canceled any cards that I didn’t use, that included atm and debit cards that I don’t use.

Four, file a police report.

Five, file a report with the federal trade commission (this is for social security theft).

Six, monitor all your accounts closely for a few months.

Identify theft is on the raise. Make sure you, at the very least, get a free credit report each year and make sure your information is correct. All the companies I talked to were great about helping me out and it’s wasn’t as bad as it could have done. I was very lucky.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

One Little Word

Sorry for disappearing again.  There has been some crazy, unexpected issues that have come up this month. I'll explain more later.

I just wanted to get my One Little Word - March action item posted before I move on to April.

In the month of March we need to list some task/goals/mission for our word. The goals I'm focusing on:

Calligraphy - Practice a few time each week.  Do a quote a day staring in the Fall.

Health - Do at least 10 minutes of yoga each day.

Meal Plan - Get plans ready for next school year.

I'm keeping it simple so that I can really focus on the items I want to work on and not get distracted by everything that I would like to do.

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Chalkboard Quote

Sorry I've been away again.  School has been keeping me busy, but I didn't want to miss updating my chalkboard.

Hope you have a blessed Easter.