Friday, April 24, 2015

Art Work

As I mentioned in this post I was very nervous about taking my drawing class at school. Now I wish I would have taken it earlier.  I'm really enjoying the class and I'm now thinking of taking more illustration courses.

I'm still always amazed when I start to see my drawings come to life.

I remember walking through the halls at my college and seeing samples of students work and thinking I can not do that, especially when I saw the portraits people created. Now I walk down the hall see my artwork on display and I think wow I did that and it is awesome.  Sorry, I'm not being humble but I'm just so thrilled.

Here's the last drawing I had to do for class, the portrait assignment.  If any of you are fans of Downton Abbey you will recognize Maggie Smith's character, Violet Crawley.  She was a great subject to draw.

Rendered using Prismacolor Cool and Warm Grey Markers 


  1. Love that drawing - of course, my first thought was "Minerva McGonagall!"

    1. I will always think of Maggie Smith as Minerva too!