Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Command Center

Almost every home has one - Command Center.

This is a photo of our old command center. A big cork board in the little hallway between the kitchen and my office.  I loved it. I had a good system of keeping track of the papers and I usually didn't lose any important information.

When we remodeled our kitchen the plan was to hide the command center. The trend is to have the command center behind closed doors, ours was inside a cabinet.  The problem was, out of sight out of mind.  Yes, I didn't have this big ugly board on my wall, but I didn't have a visual reminder of papers that were needed for school and sports.  I wanted my cork board back but I wanted it to look nicer.

Pinterest to the rescue! (See I actually use some of my pins)

I did some searching and found a couple of ideas on covering a cork board with material.  Luckily I still had the extra material from our curtains and I still had the old cork board.  I got out my trusty glue gun and purchased some decorative furniture tacks from Home Depot and went to work.

I put some hot glue around the frame of the cork board and laid it on top of the material. I had to reinforce the back so the furniture tack would not poke out the back.  For the I just used some foam core board I had around the house.  I carefully folded the corners and glue everything down in the back.

I used a ruler to help me place the tacks at even intervals and sweet talked my hubby into drilling it into the wall.  I also brought some really cute owl thumb tacks at target.

Now I have my wonderful command center and it's not an eye sore. I'm so happy to have my command center back on my wall. It's full of papers and reminders and it helps me stay on top of our house hold schedule.


  1. Great job deciding to put that back up since it's worked so well for you! It looks great.

  2. Your board looks fabs. Our command center used to be the side of the refrigerator next to the kitchen desk. I was thinking the other day, that my kids are grown so my fridge is nearly vacant. I miss those days - well, except for the part about how I would inevitably forget to check the fridge and would still be late turning in permission slips and such.