Thursday, May 14, 2015

Here's to the brainy kids...

We do not celebrate the brainy kids enough. You always read about the sporty kids or the drama kids. Even as adults our sports and drama figures get paid ridiculous amounts of money. I know there are some brainy adults that get top dollar, but I believe that is (usually) more deserving.

Well I would like to celebrate a great group of brainy kids. Last weekend I had the pleasure of going to our Elementary Science Olympian Competition.  This was my third year coaching an event at my kids school.  My middle son loves science. He finds joy in studying animal books or learning about rocks and fossils.  He always amazes me with his knowledge and love of learning.

Our team, which consists of 16 (3rd - 6th grade) boys and girls, competed in 16 events.  There were over 30 schools in our division and top 8 in each event received medals.  We medaled in 9 out of the 16.  My son competed in 3 events and received two 2nd place and one 7th place medal.  The really exciting part for everyone involved was when they announced the overall placing. Our school placed 2nd! I think the parents were more thrilled then the kids because we went crazy in the stands.

So here's to those brainy kids. The ones that compete with a different muscle. The ones that think differently and see the world at a different perspective.  The ones that when given a chance will change the world. You guys are amazing!

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  1. Stopping by from Melissa's blog. And I salute your Olympian - kudos to kim.