Monday, May 11, 2015

Just a little obsessed

I might have a problem. A slight addiction. obsession.


I recently hit the 5,000 pin mark.

5,000! Can you believe it? What will I ever do with 5,000 pins? But I can not help it. I love looking at the boards and adding more pins. I actually use them, some of them.

I would like to spend some time cleaning up my boards. Reorganizing them and removing pins that no longer fit my life style or interest. It's more fun adding new pins, but I think it's time to purge and clean house.

Here's my top 6 pin boards.

First with 465 pins is my Design board.  I want to break this board done into several different ones based on the type of design, ie. Poster, brochure, etc.

Second with 370 pins is my things worth saying board. I love a good quote. I only see this board growing.

Third with 210 pins is my Harry Potter board. This one surprised me. I know I love Harry Potter but I didn't realized I had pined so many things related to the topic.

Fourth with 208 pins is my Illustrator board. This is a board I need to spend time going through. I've pinned many tutorials that I want to work through to improve my Illustrator skills.

Fifth with 194 pins is my Food board. This number is actually much higher but I have different boards relating to food. This was one of the first boards I tried to reorganize and now I have sub Food boards like Food: Chicken, Sweet Tooth and What a Crock, just to name a few.

Sixth with 192 pins is my Card Ideas board. I have plans for this board in the Fall when I have more time.

In total I have 71 boards.

Are you addicted to pinterest? If so, what is your top pinning board?


  1. Oh my, I don't pin. I've never started pinning because I was afraid it would be addictive. LOL

  2. I don't do much pinning, though I have an account...just a LITTLE obsession on your part I think! Xx