Friday, June 5, 2015

My Last School Projects (for now)!

As you may remember I was very scared to take my Rendering class. The voices from the past in my head have been telling me I can not draw for so many years that the thought of taking a drawing class worried me.  With each drawing I soon learned that I can draw and that I just need to keep drawing and learn and grow and find my own style.

These last two assignments were very challenging.   For the first drawing we had to create a composite of a car and place it into a background and use the proper perspective and lighting for the environment.  We also had to include the car logo.  I'm not a big car person so I decided to do my father-in-laws classic pink Cadillac.  Since they live in Vegas I picked that as my background.  This drawing was a lesson in patiences. It's a large drawing, 11x17 inches, so the background took many, many hours to complete but in the end I was extremely happy with the result.

Our final project was to draw an object but change the texture of that object.  We had to use 2-3 different textures.  I found a great photo of a horse running and changed it's body into metal, it's joints into fabric and the hair into fire.  The fire was very challenging, I still didn't quite get it but it's pretty close. I love how the metal and fabric turned out.

You might be wondering why I said 'for now' in my title. I'm seriously thinking about taking another drawing class in the fall just for fun. I really enjoy this class and want to learn more.  It makes me wonder what other thinks that I'm afraid of will bring me joy if I faced them. Is there something you keep telling yourself you can not do? What's stopping you from trying?

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