Thursday, June 11, 2015

Use What You Have

My kids school year is wrapping up tomorrow. This past week we have had many celebrations and exciting activities.  I will have a child starting High School, one starting Middle School and a fifth grader next year.

Between all the running back and forth to school and chaperoning I've been trying to declutter our house.  When we remodeled our kitchen everything was tossed into the basement.  Last weekend I decided to have a garage sale to help remove the clutter.  This weekend I have Purple Heart coming by to pick up the rest.  

We also bought two computer desk for my boys and husband. We moved the old Mac to one of these desk, which has freed up half of my desk.  So now I need to declutter and reorganize my room.  I've noticed the last few times I wanted to sit down and create I spent most of my time trying to find supplies. I've changed the way I create and the set up that use to work for me just isn't cutting it.  I will make sure I take some before and after photos but this is going to be a major undertaking.

While I started going through some of my supplies I realized I have 1.) too much stuff and 2.) some great stuff that I bought and never used.  So I'm setting a challenge to myself - Use What I Have and stop saving it for something better.  This doesn't mean I can not buy new supplies – I mean, come on I just had a garage sale and have some money to buy fun stuff. It just means I need to stop holding on to items for a rainy day.

So first up on the Use What You Have goal are these great butterflies. 

 I'm not even sure who made them but I do remember they came on a 12 x 12 sheet and you popped them out.  I've been holding on to them for years.  I decided to use them al and make some cards.  My card box was getting very empty and card making is something I need to do more often.

This card used the last two butterflies and some scrap paper I had on my desk. The sentiment was hand drawn.

I decided to use two wooden stamps that I've had for many years as the background for the rest of the cards. Both stamps are from Hero Arts La Letter and Raindrop Background.  I embossed the Raindrop Background with clear embossing powder.  The bling in the middle of the butterflies were another item I've been saving.  The ticket, star and swirl are all Tim Holtz's items.

The happy birthday sentiment on the cards above was hand drawn.

This card I actually made a mistake when written happy birthday so I used some scrap paper and another stamp set I haven't used enough - Any Time Message by Hero Arts.

My goal is to start making myself use an item that I've been saving instead of refiling the item.  Do you have a habit on holding onto items too long?  If you do, join me in actually using those little gems.


  1. Those are lovely cards - I thought sure that hand drawn sentiment was a very classy stamp. Use what you have is a great motto. I had to smile extra big because I immediately recognized those butterflies as K & Company. I blogged about getting the sheet in an early Cocoa Daisy kit and doing a layout - here 5 years ago. I used about half of them and then remembering giving away the rest. Good luck in your quest not to refile too many items. Craft on!

    1. I liked how you used the butterflies on your layout. I can not believe they are 5 years old. I really need to use my stash more often. :)